The effect of signage on a business

We all know large shopping streets with loads of signage and advertisements. Unknowingly, these signs have a large influence on the behaviour and opinion of (potential) customers and the way they make their choice to visit or not. The choice to go in or not is based on a range of influential factors.

Save up to 80% in the total cost of ownership with signage refurbishment by Vicom4® Outdoor

Signage is an excellent tool to enhance brand visibility and experience. It tells customers who you are and where to find you. Keeping signage in top condition is therefore key in attracting (new) customers and generating sales. Over time, influences such as weather, pollution, salt, sand and UV light are affecting signage, causing colour and gloss to fade and corrosion to show. With Vicom4® Outdoor, faded and decayed signage becomes history, thanks to our turnkey and on site solution for signage refurbishment: The HQ-concept Signage.

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Vicom4® Outdoor is a worldwide active sign company, present in 32 countries and with over 20 years of experience in the market. petrobrand is the official licensed distributor in South Africa for this internationally renowned product.